Tuesday, 6 July, 2010

My grand day

When man started wandering, he took his first step towards civilisation. Changing landscapes, climatic condition ,food habits etc.. bring in him adaptability. Not a single historical event is unaccompanied by travel. People who made history have been great travellers too. Nevertheless, travel bug bites common man too and the latest victim were myself and my sweet heart.

Rampachodavaram in monsoon is a green paradise. It takes a lot of effort to contain ones wanderlust  and be at home on a holiday. The weak mortals ,that we are, I, myself and my husband started at 1045 hrs. The mildly cold weather and equally cold breeze were very energizing. As we set off, the panoramic eastern ghats started unfolding itself to us. The mountain peaks were trying to peep out through the cloud veil, but in vain. I could see the sea of change in the colour in the surrounding in a  matter of few weeks. From a barren brownish shade the whole place has been painted green thanks to the monsoons. All this green was waiting patiently for a pat from the rain gods.A single stroke of rain woke them up and pasted them all over. The rivers, trees , creepers,birds , animals, insects....rain has brought them an assurance for life for another year. Joy of life is all over the place, gushing with energy. 

First we crossed the weekly market of Rampachodavaram. The market was weak as the previous day's rain could have affected the mobility of tribals who come from far off places on foot or by shared auto-rikshaws.  The dull market place was melancholic, soon to be replaced by the winding roads of the eastern ghats.The hazy mountain peaks accompanied us till Maredumilli, from where we took the left diversion on the highways.

We also bought some bamboo chicken from Maredumilli for which the place is well known. From here the scene changes. One slowly falls  into the binding embrace of  mother nature. The engulfing forest leaves no option but to silently fall in love with it. The tall trees are now covered by cllimbers and the spaces between trees are covered by vegetation of all kinds. There is little space that is left untouched by green. Just after maredumilli, within 10kms, one comes across various places of tourist interest like Jalatharangini,Brindavan, madankunj and a camping site on the banks of Pamuleru river etc.. all developed by forest department. The camping site is less known to the tourist crowd. So to that extent pure and placid.

 Our next agenda is to stay there. As for the day we had a goal post still 65 kms away, we started again from the bridge on Pamuleru after a short halt. My husband being the democratic and administrative Sheh-in-shah of the place listend to his subjects before we started. The people here live for the day and that has not caused them any harm. In fact this attitude has preserved nature here. Civilisation has stopped its onward journey with them for the betterment of nature. It advanced with us only to see a decaying earth. So I would say, civilisation is at its best with them in the form of a life, which is in tune with nature.

Back on road, we started climbing up on a road with many hair-pin bends. The average altitude was  650m. Just out of curiosity, we stopped by a rusting name board of the twin water falls of Amrudhadara and swarnadhara. The primates in us prompted us to go and have a look at the falls. A few yards off the road, we were in thick forest. As it had rained the previous day, having control over our feet was very challenging. The earth cut steps were steep and treacherous.At the end of a knee straining trek of a kilometre (approx)we found the silent and elegant falls. One is tall and handsome and the other is broad and beautiful. The place is sworming with mosquitoes. Though we evolved from the same place, going back in evolution and living with our erstwhile neighbours in the forest  seems to be difficult even for a short while. The fruit has fallen far away from the tree. The return trek was 'breath taking', literally..

With so much energy spent in the short trek, we were more than ready for the lunch when we started from the twin waterfalls. The very sight of a quite river and it's clean ,vast and pebbly bank was very welcoming. Having lunch there was a fulfilling experience.As monsoon has just set in, the rivers here have not gained mass and momentum yet.The lean flow is just few ruffles and mostly placid.

Humans leave their dirty foot prints wherever they go. The broken beer boottles tell multitude about a cranky bent of human brain that during the course of evolution, took him away from all other species.One can expect to capture a camera full of butterflies of all hue and colour. 

Now, post- lunch , we realised that we were still not half way through to our destination. We had taken too long (5hrs) to travel a 40 km stretch. A non-stop ride was inevitable as we had to return before dark. So we next stopped only at Mothagudem falls.

After a refreshing bath our return journey started. In forest darkness descends  like the way ink spreads in water. Before one could realise the whole place is dark. In the night forest has only sounds for its company. We were the lonely travellers in the darkness. We were, except for the light from the head light ,travelling from darkness to darkness. On the entire 90 km stretch, only two buses crossed us from opposite direction. So one could imagine how dead lonely the place was. Our return journey was the most exciting experience of the day.