Monday, 3 November, 2008

Letters to the unknown - 3

1. Today I read in a leading 'Business ' Newspaper about the growth in bank loan. Guess the amount that was lent during last qtr....Rs.2lakh crore. What was it in the first Qtr? 46,666 crore, if this news paper is to be believed. Bankers have no clue about who maketh these borrowers.Then what all this hype that 'credit crunch' is made into?
2.Just above the above news I found another tiny column in which K.V.Kamath was requesting the Govt. to bail out Mutual funds and NBFCs. Mr.Kamath let us talk it out logically. I 've no mutual fund units in my name. So when you made profit, I had no benefit from it. The majority of Indians belong to my category. I've been paying tax since I was 22. Any bail out plan will be only from this money. This tax money belongs to millions and meant for the welfare of the millions and not for a handful. How many of our farmers benefited from the mad bull run? You were mentioning about saving economy. Is not this economy built on the premature death of an agrarian economy. We killed the agrarian economy, the farmers , our self -sufficient villages, our nature friendly life style, our Eco friendly farm practices and indigenous varieties of seeds for the greed of money. Who benefited the most when the scrips were trading in a highly over valued market? Has the recent real estate boom made housing more affordable to the lower and middle classes? When profits were private why is that a public ode is written on loss. What if this 'service economy' is given a quiet burial as we did to the agrarian economy? Come let's 'till' it out:))

Saturday, 1 November, 2008

letters to the unknown-2

Yesterday I read an article by former minister Jagmohan. That was about Sardar Patel. People who know history will also know the role he played in the formation of present day India. Some Muslim leader said some where that Patel was a terrorist. The article was to counter this stand. It deals in detail Patel's contribution to minorities as the Chairman of minorities commission of the constituent assembly etc ..etc..
Explaining and trying to justify things to religious hooligans is unnecessary. Their skewed mind will never accept truth with impartiality. Why should a secular state have different (religious) laws? Especially the ones which suppress its women folk? Though it was proposed by the constituent assembly with a time limit, what is secularism and secularists are doing in this country?
Why is that only in India patriotism is identified with far right? Is it not my right to love my country which has given me every thing? I'm proud that my country is much more democratic than Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Sri Lanka and Gulf nations though, these nations were more or less contemporaries to Indian freedom. The Muslims, especially Muslim women here in India are much safer.
When I think of love for the country and its values , I invariably remember the lady from(?) God's own country. Today I have few questions for Arundhadi Roy. Do you think that you 're a writer? Do you think that you are a good writer? Do you think that you have any moral authority to talk about environmental issues, when there were allegations on you about construction in a reserve forest area? Why is that you only lend your face (at times voice also) in popular issues? for a short duration? and then nothing is heard about you? I know you're very unhappy with this nation. But what will make you happy? Why is that you only point out short comings and never give solutions for the perceived short comings? We didn't hear you much when another women writer, who had taken refuge in this nation was ill-treated in two major cities of India and was sent out in a mid night... Where was the human right activist in you at that time?Do you think that you would be allowed to get away with remarks against the govt. and state in any of your favourite nations( read..China, Afghan etc). Then why is that your common sense fail to understand the freedom that you enjoy here? Though this nation may not be as sacred as the right wing says, it still deserves sacrilege by a better person than you.. Don't you think so? This last one is out of curiosity... What would you write if you lived in Afghanistan:)?
To the Muslim leader who was talking about Patel, if all who used force are terrorists then who will be left to be worshiped?
Anybody having affiliations with religious and secular hooligans would have already been hurt by this letter. Still, I wanted to tell," keep your religious fanaticism and pseudo secularism off because the people of this nation have been livinig peacefully with various religions and cultures for more than two thousand years now"